Hello All,

My name is Pat Young, I am a Senior American Studies major at UMD College Park. I am in my last semester here and thought it would be fun to take some “fun” classes to finish off my college career. This English class where we have to write about food has really opened my eyes and made me think more about what I eat more than ever. My relationship with food has never been anything more than I eat when I am hungry, cook every here and there and try to maintain a healthy balance. I have never been one to look up a recipe to something and try and cook it, nor have I ever really taken the time to value the experience of a restaurant until this class.  I plan on writing about my food experiences here for the rest of the semester and share with my audience, who will hopefully be college students and student athletes what makes my eating experience here as a student both enjoyable but not break my bank.


Author: pyoung44

Professional Athlete Mentor

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