Restaurant Review: A Colorful Surprise

Recently, my girlfriend received a new directors position for her employer, where she just started working, so to celebrate this achievement I surprised on a date!  Her favorite type of food is Mediterranean, so I figured she would appreciate being surprised to a nice dinner.  After looking around online , I made reservations at Lumbini restaurant in Baltimore. When we arrived to the restaurant, from the outside it did not look like the same illuminated, colorful place that the pictures online showed, honestly it looked closed. We saw a small sign that said “walk a half block” for the restaurant, and a few steps later we were looking through an enormous glass window into the lit up, brightly colored, lively Indian establishment.

We walked into the restaurant and were two of six other restaurant goers and a small family. I was surprised at how empty this place was for its size and high ratings, but its emptiness and quietness made the environment much more intimate. We were greeted and seated at a small table for two. The authentic decor, music and the amazing smell gave me the urge to get into some food right away so we began ordering soon after we sat down.  To start off our we ordered veggie samosas and Chicken Pakora, which came out quickly and you could literally hear them coming. The Chicken Pakora came out sizzling on a hot plate, along with the smells of curry and other seasonings. The Samosas were  steaming hot stuffed full of delicious vegetables and juices. The Samosas were a little bit hot, but once they cooled off they were very tasty. Our stomachs filled up quicker than expected from the appetizers, so we decided to share a meal for dinner. She ordered the vegetable marsala for us, if it were up to me we would have tried some meat, however it was her night.

Although I thought it would not be satisfying, I was extremely surprised with the entree. The waitress brought out a platter of rice, cooked vegetables, a side of Indian seasoned and cooked cheese and a red marsala sauce. I like that it was separate so that you could pick and choose how you would like to dress your plate. The cheese although unique, was very tasteful and had a texture similar to tofu. The Red marsala sauce was different from the orange marsala sauce I was used to seeing, but was better than the orange sauce with a more smooth taste that went well with the cheese. We barley made it through all of the marsala, and with full stomach’s we sat back and waited for the bill, which may have been the best part of the whole night.  After all of the food we ordered and a drink a piece the bill was around 45.00, which is not too expensive for a dinner for two.  I would defiantly would go back to Lumbini and would recommend stopping by and trying the Samosas.